It’s time to reimagine retirement plan management.


Run retirement like a business.

How does any successful company deal with its most challenging, dynamic, and specialized areas? Put specialists in place so they can streamline operations – fulfill best practices consistent with legal and regulatory requirements, cut costs, isolate risk, integrate with other areas and communicate with stakeholders succinctly. We do that with retirement plan management.

We strive to reduce fees that are a drag to long term performance.

We seek to eliminate the management drain of retirement.

We work to mitigate the increasing risk of retirement plan litigation.


We’re expert, experienced and up-to-date in all three dimensions required to manage retirement plans prudently and efficiently – ERISA, investments and corporate governance. As fiduciaries, we assume financial and legal responsibility by design. Consultants and fund managers rarely combine these essential disciplines.


We act as named investment fiduciary for the plan. We select investment advisors and other service providers, assume full liability for plan management and oversight, all while communicating transparently with stakeholders.


We evaluate, select and monitor Target Date Funds using a proprietary process which provides a robust analytic framework for analyzing funds in this rapidly growing market segment.


We assume a fiduciary role for specific plan assignments. For example, we can:

  • manage company stock accounts, 
  • direct ERISA litigation and settlement approval,
  • review and approve fees and expenses,
  • assess and monitor asset pricing and valuation processes, or
  • make fiduciary determinations with respect to plan or corporate restructuring.

    In all instances, we make decisions for the benefit of plan participants while at the same time seeking to reduce plan expenses and risks. 

    “Every hour devoted to retirement plan oversight is one less hour devoted to growing earnings. Our new model puts the retirement plan in the hands of fiduciary experts and lets executives focus on their business”

    Mitchell Shames


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    The Hidden Dangers of Target Date Funds

    ERISA experts warn that Target Date Funds are ticking time bombs of potential losses and liabilities. In fact, they expect the funds to be the next big thing in ERISA litigation, possibly eclipsing fee and expense litigation. TDFs have grown 1,200% over the past decade and are now estimated to hold $2.8 trillion of American’s retirement assets.

    They are effectively packaged as simple alternatives to standard 401(k) investment options. One fund, one investment, one transaction to glide plan participants to a secure retirement; an attractive turnkey decision that any retirement committee might make.


    The future is independent retirement plan management.