Our Services

Client challenges dictate the scope of our projects. Our fiduciary mandate can be as broad or as narrow as the client requires. We can oversee an entire plan, or we can collaborate with your investment committee around a specific project. The client decides. A one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for fiduciary issues.

We offer three simple levels of engagement:


We act as named investment fiduciary for the plan. We select investment advisors and other service providers, assume full liability for plan management and oversight, all while communicating transparently with stakeholders.


We evaluate, select and monitor Target Date Funds using a proprietary process which provides a robust analytic framework for analyzing funds in this rapidly growing market segment.


We assume a fiduciary role for specific plan assignments. For example, we can:

  • manage company stock accounts, 
  • direct ERISA litigation and settlement approval,
  • review and approve fees and expenses,
  • assess and monitor asset pricing and valuation processes, or
  • make fiduciary determinations with respect to plan or corporate restructuring.

In all instances, we make decisions for the benefit of plan participants while at the same time seeking to reduce plan expenses and risks.


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