Independent Fiduciary


Independent Fiduciary

Prudent, efficient retirement plan management requires expertise in three disciplines – ERISA, Investments and corporate governance. Most investment committees don’t possess all three. We do.

Here are some examples of how you can rely on us to ease your fiduciary burden: 

Assume a fiduciary role for specific plan assignments

  • Selection of investment options
  • Review and approval of fees and expenses
  • ERISA litigation settlement/monitoring
  • Pension risk transfer
  • Fiduciary determinations with respect to corporate restructurings
  • Prohibited transaction exemptions
  • Assess and monitor pricing and valuation processes
  • Manage company stock accounts
  • Integration and selection of Target Date Funds
  • Integration and selection of ESG options

Integrate Lifetime Income Options into your plan

We act as your independent fiduciary for the selection and on-going monitoring of guaranteed lifetime income options.

Because these are choppy waters, we have laid out a roadmap for plan sponsors and retirement committee members to help navigate the process.

Click here to see the roadmap and how we can help you improve the retirement readiness of your plan participants, while mitigating your fiduciary risk!

    Do it all, in partnership with you

    We act as the named investment fiduciary for the plan. We select investment advisors and other service providers, assume fiduciary responsibility for plan management and oversight, all while communicating transparently with stakeholders.

      Why Target Date Funds aren’t that simple after all.

      In order to run a target date fund, there are an enormous number of decisions that need to be made. Learn how independent fiduciaries are uniquely qualified to help you make them.

      “58 percent of Americans said they would grade the adequacy of their retirement savings at a C or lower.”

      SOURCE: 2020 survey by TD Ameritrade



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