The Hidden Dangers of Target Date Funds


ERISA experts warn that Target Date Funds are ticking time bombs of potential losses and liabilities. In fact, they expect the funds to be the next big thing in ERISA litigation, possibly eclipsing fee and expense litigation.

INSIGHT: Calling ERISA Ghostbusters—The Rise of Independent Fiduciaries

Settlement of ERISA lawsuits are increasingly including the hiring of an independent fiduciary to oversee plan processes.

Get the Retirement Plan Monkey Off Your back

Never before have retailers faced such daunting challenges. 

Dodge Distractions During Economic Distress

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our economy.

The Wave of Litigation

The wave of ERISA litigation continues to grow – plan sponsors ignore the danger signs at their peril.

Is It Time for Plan Sponsors to Rethink Retirement Plan Management?

The retirement plan system is broken – just ask corporate directors and C-suite executives who are responsible for these plans.


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Get the Retirement Plan Monkey off Your back

Dodge Distractions During Economic Distress

The Wave of Litigation


The future is independent management.