3(38) Fiduciary


3(38) Fiduciary

Our Specialized 3(38) Fiduciary service enables retirement plan advisors to harness the power of retirement income and leads to better outcomes for plan participants in their retirement years.

Integrating lifetime income into retirement plans can be a challenge for both plan sponsors and advisors. That’s why we have created our Specialized 3(38) Fiduciary service offering, tailored to provide a turnkey solution for integrating lifetime income into retirement plans. 

How can this help you help your clients?
Our Specialized 3(38) Fiduciary services will:

Give you a serious competitive advantage in the market, delivering access to a truly comprehensive retirement planning solution.

Enable you to enhance retirement security for plan participants by leveraging our fiduciary expertise and our proprietary research to select and implement retirement income options.

Broaden your service offerings by providing access to lifetime income options.


Reduce your liability by shifting the fiduciary responsibilities to us, allowing you to rely on our prudent selection decisions.

Service Highlights


Demographic and Needs Analysis

Harrison Fiduciary will collaborate with you to understand your client’s unique needs and the demographics of their participants – this informs our research and selection process.



Product Evaluation and Selection

Alignment to the plan’s objectives is essential. Here’s how our data-driven insights achieve that: First, we leverage our product research database to identify a number of potential options. Next, we analyze each of these options using our rigorous proprietary fiduciary procedures to select the option(s) that are appropriate for your plan.


Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability Shift

Here’s the best part: The specialized 3(38) designation gives Harrison Fiduciary the authority to make retirement income selections – we assume full fiduciary responsibility for our decisions, providing peace of mind to you and your clients.


    Ongoing Monitoring

    Not only will we provide ongoing monitoring of the selected option, we will benchmark it against the universe of available products. This ensures that it continues to serve the best interest of your client’s plan participants. Harrison Fiduciary also provides written annual reports, documenting that the fiduciary responsibilities have been satisfied.

      Why Trust Harrison Fiduciary? 

      Let’s discuss how our Specialized 3(38) Fiduciary services can help you improve your competitive advantage, broaden your service offering, and reduce your liability.


      Expertise: Benefit from over 60 years of combined fiduciary, legal, and investment expertise.


      Proprietary Model: Our unique model ensures a systematic, prudent, and thorough approach to fiduciary risk mitigation.


      Customized Solutions: Every plan is unique, and we tailor lifetime income options to the specific needs of each plan.


      Peace of Mind: Shift the fiduciary burden to our capable hands, freeing up your time to focus on strategic client relationships and growing your business.

      “Integrating retirement income options into 401(k) plans is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution that transforms savings plans into retirement plans. It empowers plan participants on the journey towards a confident and worry-free retirement.”

      – Dave Nolan, Director of Investments and Research


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